Abigail Rawlings: Man says Rawlings’ 52-year-old daughter looks like his mother, Victoria Agbotui.


A new photo of the late former president Jerry John Rawlings with his late mother, Victoria Agbotui, has been released – Rawlings had his arm around the mother who looked at him with pride and smile on his face – Some people have said there is a striking resemblance between Rawlings’ mother and the 52-year-old woman claiming to be Rawlings’ first daughter – The woman named Abigail has been trending in the news following her revelation.

A newly released photo of the late former president, J.J Rawlings, and his mother, Victoria Agbotui, has sparked a debate concerning the 52-year-old woman claiming to be Rawlings’ first daughter.

One of them, Hindu Fusein, wrote that Abigail has the same face as Rawlings’ mother:


She spoke passionately about her being the child of the late former president of Ghana. According to her, her mother is a Togolese who has passed away but told her before her death that Rawlings was her father. Abigail added that many of former President Rawlings’s maternal relatives in their hometown know her and have accepted her into the family. She has been stopped by security personnel at the funeral grounds from viewing the mortal remains of the late president.


Source: Bnatmedia

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