Lesbianism or homosexuality is an individual affair – Hon. Harriet Anita Abaidoo


2012 and 2016 Parliamentary Candidate for Okaikwei South, Hon. Harriet Anita Abaidoo has said that, the Republic of Ghana does not consider same-sex relationships as a fundamental human right, describing LGBTQIA+ as an individual affair.

Speaking on one on one interview with Bnat Radio presenter Berima Atuahene, Monday, Hon. Harriet Anita Abaidoo, said homosexuality was there even before the birth of Jesus Christ and she questioned why matters regarding LGBTQIA+ arising now.

“I am disappointed in our political leaders. Because, they should remember where they are coming from and where they started before achieving the leadership role in life. This is not part of how we were raised. In school, we practice lesbianism and gay, and when you are caught, you get punished. God created Adam and Eve but he didn’t created Adam and Adam, or Eve and Eve. And even animals, God created male and female. So why do we change the fundamental? Lesbianism or homosexuality is an individual choice. It’s an individual affair,” she said.

Her comment comes after citizens of the general public are expressing diverse opinions on a 36-page anti-LGBTQI+ bill.

watch video   https://fb.watch/8LtCsJkRAQ/

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