Security man denies involvement in JB Danquah’s death


Stephen Apraku, a security man at the house of J.B. Danquah Adu, the late Member of Parliament for Abuakwa North, on the night of his murder, has denied any involvement in the killing.

The witness told the Court that he never knew one Sarkodie, a driver in the late MP’s house, per the allegation from the defence was the one who killed Mr Adu.

During his cross-examination, Mr Yaw Dankwah, the Counsel for accused persons (Daniel Asiedu aka Sexy Dondon, and Vincent Bossu, aka Junior Agogo) alleged that the witness was aware Sarkodie killed the late MP and he was his accomplice but Mr Apraku disagreed.

The witness disagreed with the Counsel that he (Apraku) knew the one, who killed Mr Adu.
Asked, who placed the ladder directly at the balcony of the late MP that led to his room, the witness said he was not the one and did not know who did.

The counsel suggested to the witness that nobody climbed the ladder and nobody came down from the ladder but rather, it was him (Mr Apraku), who provided access through the garage inside door without locking it that led to the house but the witness disagreed.

The witness said, the inner door of the garage that led to the house was always locked and he did not have access to that area but even if one was able to access the garage, it would be difficult to access that particular door from within the garage.

“I did not aid anyone or plan with anyone to kill Mr Adu, who was my Boss,” he added.

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