Suro Nipa: Moesha’s Personal Assistant Baited by Salma Mumin to reveal every Secret thing Moesha did in the past that has brought her current Predicament.


One Samuel Nelson, a supposed personal assistant of embattled slay Queen Moesha Boduong has spill the beans on the genesis of Moesha’s predicament to Salma Mumin in a leaked audio that is sending chills all over people.


In the audio, Nelson as he is called admitted Moesha wronged him even as her PA and that he made her understood that he would never forgive her for blocking his chances as her PA among other stuff.

Nelson said Moesha Boduong deserved everything she’s going through because she is not what people see her to be outside as she is treacherous and full of vendetta

Of why Salma Mumin comes into the picture, Moesha and Salma have had some altercation in the past which went viral.

As such, it was surprising to hear Salma seem so interested in Moesha’s issue that she was luring the guy to open up more with Moesha’s secret.

In period  of Moesha and Salma beef, the secret about Salma Mumin going to turkey to enhance her shape was revealed and that has been a beef between Moesha and Salma Mumin.

As worse as things would get, Salma in this leaked audio can be heard baiting Nelson with tricky questions to have him tell her everything about Moesha and her current state.

The guy said in the first slide of the audio that Moesha’s issue has to do with something she saw via a video call with her sugar daddy in Nigeria who is a senator.

Nelson revealed that, Moesha called the said Man on a video call and she saw him in some occult stuff with himself soaked in blood among others. The whole thing sent shivers down her spine and she was scared that could be the end of her life.

The man her warned not to tell anyone about what she saw via the video call  but as scared as Moesha was with her life about possibly dying after seeing those stuff, she blew it up by telling people she comes across with everything she saw the Nigerian senator whom she was or is dating doing in the video.

According to Nelson, it was what led Moesha Boduongto run to church to give her life to Christ she was scared she would die.

But even at the church, there was an issue. Moesha was lured by the Church owned by Vica Michaels brother to be dashing out dollars because they claim the money she has made through her trade as a Slay Queen are evil money she should not keep.

Her first time in the church, she gave 2000 dollars, she added 3000 dollars later and went on to give the church money till her dollar account went to zero Balance.

For the rest of the shocking gist, kindly listen to the two audios below.




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