Take Ghana Far (TGF) and Marafanyi- USA made Donations to Selected Centres in Ghana


In their bid to help empower the youth in Ghana, Take Ghana Far (TGF), a non-governmental organization in collaboration with Marafanyi-USA made donations to Osenase orphanage home, Akwadum Christian Village orphanage home, Ofoase Ayirebi District Health Directorate, Saint Joseph Hospital in Koforidua, and some local communities (Kyirimenkene, Wawase, and NiiQuaye) in the Ofoase Ayirebi Constituency. The TGF organization aims to help revamp the lost confidence in youth to enable them take up more social responsibilities and help groom the youth to become leaders and good citizens. The Marafanyi organization which means “love” is a USA-based non-governmental organization which focuses on education, health, and community development in deprived areas. The donation included clothes, kitchen ware, crutches, and stationery. These donations were made out of a cheerful heart to help support the activities of the beneficiaries. This was to indicate that supporting the various centres, to in turn support young persons, is a sustainable and effective way to assist young people as a sense of belonging is a basic human need.

Some major challenges that were revealed from the two orphanage homes include lack of backpacks, shoes, and other stationaries for the kids. At Kyrimenkene in the Ofoase Ayirebi Constituency, the elders indicated the absence of school in the town as the major challenge for the kids’ wellbeing and development. It was revealed that the kids have to walk to a nearby town to attend school.

As a well-reckoned part of youth education and development, TGF’s utmost responsibility is to keep the lamp of support and knowledge even in the most challenging situations. With this motive, TGF over the years has organized numerous activities and made substantive donations to orphanage homes (Assurance of hope home and Teshie orphanage home), including mentorship projects, kids debates, a free medical screening to selected communities, free biomedical training to selected hospitals, and virtual seminars. The TGF organization hope for more future collaborations with the Marafanyi organization and other interested organization to help impact lives in Ghana.

The future seems quite bleak for the selected communities, however, recent trends see massive improvement from the corporate organizations. As a result, it is suggested to the government to empower corporate establishments to direct most of their communal social responsibility to help support the various orphanage homes and deprived communities in the rural areas.

The communities were grateful to the Executive teams of both Take Ghana Far (TGF) and Marafanyi-USA for the wonderful work.

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