We love together, we die together; Death note found in murdered policewoman’s room


She was found dead in the room when it was time to report to duty. When the doors were opened, her lifeless body was lying in a pool of blood with the knife allegedly used in killing her lying somewhere.

She had no last breath to tell the circumstances that led to her death. This has left many conjecturing on what actually led to her death. But there is something intriguing in the whole story.

It is finally emerging that it was a story of two love birds. The young female police constable had fallen in love with his alleged killer boyfriend and the two had planned never to leave each other.

In the room of the late Constable, one thing on the walls that everyone can quickly catch a glimpse of is a note boldly written with red ink.

Apart from the paintings in her room, it seems the two had a mutual understanding of taking their love to the next level, they were ready to be in love and die in love. The simple meaning is that they were enjoying their love on earth and when death appears, they will all be happy to go together.

This particular phrase has been the line for many young people who fall in love with one another, they make all the vows to the extent that some even use blood as a covenant. However, things don’t normally go as planned and as a result, they regret later.

PW Constable Sandra Asiedu might have regretted ever believing the young man was in deep love with her. A final note found on the walls of the room where the female constable died reads “We love together, we die together”.

The inscription written in red ink has several meanings. It is now unknown if the boyfriend is behind the death of the Police constable but the police are mounting a serious search for him.

If the suspicion of the boyfriend killing the Constable is true, then he has betrayed their love. They promised to live together and die together but the boyfriend has decided to be on earth breathing whilst the young female constable is gone.

If indeed he meant true love, he would not have allegedly killed the constable. Even if someone committed the crime, the boyfriend should have been in the position to protect her and not the other way around.

This sad love story should serve as a lesson to all young people who go into relationships. They mostly invest all their energies in the relationship to the extent that no advice is valuable to them. There are a few of such relationships which end well whilst the rest end in tears.

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